Carpenter's Quarter Horses, LLC

Carpenter's Quarter Horses is located in Barnesville, Ohio. This Small Quarter Horse Farm raises Quarter Horses for the Western Pleasure, Barrel, and Pole disciplines.  

About Jeff Carpenter

Jeff is a Regional Assistant Principal for Ohio Central School System. Jeff started his education career teaching Agricultural Education at Preston County Schools.  While working at Preston County Schools in Kingwood, WV, he was honored with his other agricultural teaching colleagues with having NAAE Secondary program of the year in 2006-2007.

Carpenter was raised in Barnesville, Ohio. He grew up on his families farm with cattle, sheep, and  horses. Jeff's parents raise and breed some of the top Haflingers in the industry. If you drive by their house you still might see them working them on the farm.

Jeff’s philosophy of raising and showing horses begins with a solid foundation from the start to the saddle.  Raising and Showing quality Quarter HORSES is my goal!